A Plea to a Narcissistic Man

Who is that hollow man?

Does he know how the mighty have fallen?

He needs to stop chasing the wrong things,

You are not always right

Do you even know, “The Seven Rules of Life”?

He who reigns within himself

Cannot find his own heart

And cannot have absolute mastery of himself

Many of us fear your kind of man.

People ask,

Have you no empathy?

You are not a king you know.

I wonder why

we deny what we do not understand.             

I hope we can all wake up from this nightmare.

It is exhausting to deal with his lies every day.

Who is that hollow man?

I hope he finds his heart soon.

I hope he stops chasing the wrong things.

I pray for him.

Attributes: As with all my Found Poems I list the posts from which I borrowed words, phrases or lines. Thanks to my fellow bloggers for the inspiration.

Dr. Eric Perry, PhD



Through Open Lens

Cristian Mihai

Pat Cegan