#you can't make this up

Reality checks every five minutes TRUTH be told we have become so bold that we accept non real truths I can’t make this up even if I wanted to. Watching carefully though as tragedy surrounds us all Realize it wants us to suffocate. How much pain can we endure? Singularly? Collectively? Can we afford the outcome? #can’t make this up. I don’t want to make … Continue reading #you can't make this up

Democracy Lives

Democracy lives! It is alive and well on a small but significant island of green luscious mountains where the Coqui announces when the moon shines brightly and love is in bloom, Democracy lives! It took a few deep breaths and many anguished sighs; It became desperate at times; It was angered and disappointed; it slowly began to loose faith in itself.   But the people … Continue reading Democracy Lives

Food for thought that may resonate

“People hate those who make them feel their own inferiority.” Lord Phillip Dormer “You can discover what your enemy fears the most be observing the means he uses to frighten you.” Eric Hoffer “Clever liars give details, but the cleverest don’t” Anonymous “The wicked are always surprised that good can be clever.” Unknown “He that would govern others, first should be the master of himself.” … Continue reading Food for thought that may resonate