A Plea to a Narcissistic Man

Who is that hollow man? Does he know how the mighty have fallen? He needs to stop chasing the wrong things, You are not always right Do you even know, “The Seven Rules of Life”? He who reigns within himself Cannot find his own heart And cannot have absolute mastery of himself Many of us fear your kind of man. People ask, Have you no … Continue reading A Plea to a Narcissistic Man

In Remembrance of My Father-in-Law

You became a father to me; I needed someone to look up to and make proud once again. You counseled me during hard times. You protected me when you thought I was not looking. You taught me that marriage is a heavenly partnership. I watched how much you loved your children and then the grandchildren we gave you. You were so proud when you met … Continue reading In Remembrance of My Father-in-Law

Democracy Lives

Democracy lives! It is alive and well on a small but significant island of green luscious mountains where the Coqui announces when the moon shines brightly and love is in bloom, Democracy lives! It took a few deep breaths and many anguished sighs; It became desperate at times; It was angered and disappointed; it slowly began to loose faith in itself.   But the people … Continue reading Democracy Lives