Democracy Lives

Democracy lives! It is alive and well on a small but significant island of green luscious mountains where the Coqui announces when the moon shines brightly and love is in bloom, Democracy lives! It took a few deep breaths and many anguished sighs; It became desperate at times; It was angered and disappointed; it slowly began to loose faith in itself.   But the people … Continue reading Democracy Lives

I’ll Just Put It Off Until the Next Life

Originally posted on Poemattic: Poetry and Art for the Soul:
There is only one life to live Sometimes, the one you get is too short or so it seems. People say all the time They do not have time for it all Or they ask Where has time gone? If this is happening to you Just put it off until the next life I am… Continue reading I’ll Just Put It Off Until the Next Life

Times Have Changed

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” – Andy Warhol  “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” — Victor Frankl   Times have changed; or have they? The last time I looked everything that matters remains the same.   I often long for those good old days You know what … Continue reading Times Have Changed

On Father’s Day – A Haiku and A Poem for You

A tall oak hovers high Sun rays slip through its strong limbs I remember Dad!   Remembering My Dad   My dad was not a very tall man. But he was tall enough to protect us from harm.   He was our sunshine, everytime he smiled. His kindness was eternal; He’d always go the extra mile.   He befriended those who seemed to need a … Continue reading On Father’s Day – A Haiku and A Poem for You