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We are accepting suggestions for spotlighting new poets in the attic. Send us a short bio and a sample poem for consideration. Include your link or e-mail address. Poems should be no longer than 18 lines. Poems must not include vulgar language as Poemattic has a PG audience. The poem remains the property of the poet/writer.

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About jemverse

I’ve been writing poems for as long as I can remember; certainly since childhood, more so in adulthood. I write about everything and anything – whatever inspires me. So there’s a lot about the sea and Sussex where I live; about music and nature and summer. About the changing of the seasons; about my family and my garden and my animals and my imagination. But I have words too for feelings – for pensive mood; for sadness and melancholy; for happiness and joy; for just about everything life chooses to throw at us from time to time.

For me words are for life and the joy of using them to capture a moment is all part of this.

Jemverse is my life in words

And here’s another poem…

Your words

I am your words, there for the taking.

Sometimes accepted, sometimes not. Yet I remain.

Captured, I am released. But no malice there, or jealousy.

For I am yours, and always will be

To use as you will; to leave as you choose.

When you find me, I am crafted

Like clay to the potter, to form or substance

A thing of beauty. For I am your words

Kind regards

Jem Croucher






Welcome to our

new Guest Poet

Amreen Shaikh


A Brief Biography: I am an amateur poetess and write in leisure. I am a Web

Designer by profession and have been working since a year, immediately, after I

completed my graduation in the IT field. I have been blogging since few months on

http://painttheworldwithwords.wordpress.com and am glad to receive such immense love from my

fellow bloggers. Also, I have my poems published in few anthologies in the UK.

My Blog: http://painttheworldwithwords.wordpress.com

Flightless Birds

[Chained Haiku]

Young minds possess wings

of imagination to

explore a new life.

Equipped with new dreams,

they paint the sky with zeal and

chirp new ideas.

But cruel winds of

despair and darkness tear their

wings of innocence.

They make young birds toil

to slavery and prison

their fresh thoughts; to die.

Exploiting freedom

of youthful souls, they turn them

into flightless birds.

[ The poem is about child labor and exploitation ]

Thank you,   Amreen Shaikh for your contribution.

                                        Melba Christie

Welcome our first

Guest Poet

Ana Maria Caballero currently lives in Bogotá, Colombia with her husband and nine-month-old son. During her son’s naps, she created a blog– www.thedrugstorenotebook.co– where she shares her poems and love of literature.

Thank you Ana Maria for your contribution.

                                        Melba Christie


Burden to Savor


A soft, holy morning like this

Awake in bed before dawn

Forcing my thoughts of you


Upon you


Full, ready body

Full, ready thoughts

Soft, holy distance


All upon you


Keep yourself well and happy

For I know certain things about us

That are likely to trouble you

But I will bear the complete burden


For now and until then 


There Will be Time


Twenty-six is not that young:

it is old enough to list a few

college degrees, linear work

experience and a promising



By now, I should not fear bad

poem topics, closing new

documents unsaved or rewriting

this phrase: Carve out its clay

center; cook the silhouette



I am on time and in time.

Urgency grows, demands

that I begin to


my time.


One hundred visions and revisions

That a moment will unwind

By Ana Maria Caballero    –  All Right Reserved

English: Source: http://members.aol.com/eclsat...

English: Source: http://members.aol.com/eclsat3/ Anyone wishing to use one of the animations is welcome to do so. I would appreciate a brief message to let me know (my e-mail address is displayed in the eclipse animations). Category:Solar eclipses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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