Haiku 286 by mElba christie

A million leaves

gather; each unique matter.

They know their oneness.

Has anyone asked the fly on the wall?

I wonder if a fly would have flown into

the people’s house these last few days.

If that fly could talk I wonder what it would say.

Would it have nested on someone’s head as still

as the other fly did before but still no one could ignore?

What would be the first words uttered or buzzed?

And do we really want to know?

Perhaps this is merely an apprentice

and it’s too shy to tell the truth

or put on a spectacular show.

Or maybe it’s just a huge nuisance

that someone finally wacked it loose.

Like all those who came before

maybe it just decided to quit while it was ahead.

Or maybe it will stick around

the mess of syrupy sweet made up of the

Residuos of all the flattering

and massaging of the greatest ego ever to exist.

After all this wondering if

I don’t know why

an old children’s poem came to mind

and I will leave you with its title

for you to figure it out.

“There once was a women who swallowed a fly.”

I wonder why?

we all need thoughts of love

The moment is now;

we all need thoughts of love.

Feel your heart beat in your chest;

my heart beats as well.

Connect to me as you breathe in;

I too am breathing right now.

How truly rich we are,

when we shift our collective fears

to the miracle that is love and peace.

We all need thoughts of love.

All we need to do is make it a priority.

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

the wait – what will history haVe tO Say?

The wait has been excruciatingly long.

Time always knows the truth;

but what will history say,

if tyranny has its way?

It is really about knowing

that only united can we stand strong.

Patience is a virtue; my elders used to say.

But what will history have to say?

Will our democracy have survived?

I can’t count the tears I cried

just to think about its possible demise.

I want to be optimistic and

I try hard to only visualize

our republic robust and united once again.

However, I ask myself and you my friends,

What will history have to say,

if we allow tyranny have its way.

We must learn to live from within

We must learn to live from within

With faith we are never alone

It gives us the inner serenity

especially when we grow old

Be aware of God’s presence within

Like a lighthouse guides the ships at sea

Let your inner light and Wisdom

Guide you through the rough currents that be

Inside of us is the Architect

of all that is our external world

all that is what is and truth

The plan is clear and perfectly designed

Listen inwardly

For every point and measure is defined

No one can alter it

It is the creation of yourself

A work of art

God made us with a purpose in mind

You were created on purpose

for a specific time

Yes, we must learn to live from within

Take time to love

Take time to pray

Take time to nourish your soul

Become the masterpiece

You are meant to be

Trees in the sky

#grandmas4democracy – A Haiku

I worry about things

like what will happen to our

democracy now!


Please drop off your ballot at your designated voting box, municipal office in your town or locality.

Do not be fooled. Your vote will count. I recently heard that some courts have flipped the rules for voting in some states like Minnesota just four days before the election. They were told that their votes would be counted beyond November 3. But this is no longer the case. Most states are warning people not to mail out their ballots because they will not be postmarked in time. Pass the word. Mask up, stay safe and please vote.


my happiness if up to me

My happiness is

up to me

and I made up

my mind to be just that.

All I had to see was the beauty around me;

The view warmed my broken heart.

All the fears I had

simply fell apart.

As I reflected on what it was that made me

so unhappy,

the list of things quickly diminished.

I then knew my melancholy would be finished.

I realized that I just had to set me free

from all the negativity.

Truth be told,

Happiness will always be

up to me.


“If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you.” – Sister Mary Tricky


here is a little bit of hope

This young boys recitation of the alphabet made my day. I was feeling a little down but he made me smile. He gave me hope. This should be taught to every child. He performed with confidence, beautiful energy, and zest. please share this with a parent who may be at home right now trying to deal with teaching their children and everything else that has been tossed on their proverbial plate.

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