Thoughts About My Dad on Father’s Day

A few memories just visited me on this Father’s Day, to remind me of my dear old dad, and the things he used to say.   His wisdom of practical design, inspired us to think all the time.   “Try to stay as healthy as you can because being alive can be dangerous.”   “Live life knowing it is the only one you have; no … Continue reading Thoughts About My Dad on Father’s Day

Why we kneel – A Haiku Poem By Melba Christie

I recently had to explain to a youngster why we kneel. He heard it on the news so much he became curious. So I wrote a Haiku about it. I also looked up some articles about kneeling and have posted the links below. To kneel or not to we kneel for many reasons kneel to pray today Some references: h8b625ctpk954kjrvt1elcu5lpf4kc Continue reading Why we kneel – A Haiku Poem By Melba Christie

We need to talk

As a lifetime educator, I feel that I must join the conversation on race and how racism impacts all of us. I lived through the protests of the sixties and remember my teachers talking frankly about racism. I feel blessed to have had such great teachers with such enormous insights. I was lucky to have teachers from all backgrounds. Race to me was basically the … Continue reading We need to talk

A Little Bird Told Me

*I often go back and read my poems and revise them to reflect my current sentiments about a topic. The little bird represents so many things. It is in a way a deity of sorts, a messenger fro the universe to help us make sense of  tragedy and violence. Perhaps I am also a dreamer. But I like to think that there is hope for … Continue reading A Little Bird Told Me

Always Remembered

I salute all those who served our country today. I am grateful for their sacrifice. I hope that as we celebrate today we remember that there are many others who sacrifice daily to keep us safe. God Bless America! I remember our adventures when we crossed the river and slipped on the moss covered rocks we laughed because one of us would always loose our … Continue reading Always Remembered