“He that would govern others, first should be a master of himself”

I put this quote by Philip Massinger (1583-1640) because it so appropriately describes our current state of affairs. Some of our leaders have not learned this premise. Some of our leaders live to mislead and yet decree that they are the solution for the next four years.

How does one master himself or herself? Do they lie through their teeth at any expense? Do they panic when they should be truthful and honest? Do they purposely deceive? Do they conceal assets? Do they practice nepotism without same? Do they believe that they are the greatest leader on earth? Do they constantly blame others for their failures and ineptness? The answer to all these questions is “NO”!

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give them power.” – Abraham Lincoln

We need men and women of character to lead and understand the pain of “We the People”. We cannot allow our country to succumb to the false prophets. I believe that America has awoken to the reality of the great possibility that we will lose our place and status on the world stage. Let us be the best actors. Not false reality show actors. Our votes will enact and bring back sanity and clear the paths to move forward even better than before because being empathetic, truthful, and strong against adversity are our best traits.

As an educator, mother, grandmother, poet and lover of humanity, I beg you; do the right thing. Let us all select the candidate who has demonstrated that he is a master of himself. Stay safe. God bless America.

Our Democracy Counts!

Ten ways to get the message out! Your native Language counts!


Spanish — Vota

French — Votez

German — Geh wählen (lit. “Go vote”)

Italian — Vota

Portuguese — Vote

Polish — Głosuj

Indonesian — Ayo, memilih (lit. “Come on, choose”)

Turkish — Oyunu kullan (lit. “Use the game”)

投票 – Chinese

تصويت – Arabic

The following links tell you about your rights if you speak an language other than English.



ten things to do during the next 8 days

There are ten things

we all need to do

for the next eight days

for the sake of the truth

The actions is very simple you know

because all you have to do

is to keep your eye on the prize.

  1. Plan your vote!
  2. If you cannot vote on the first day , plan your vote again.
  3. Call people you know and remind them to vote. Tell them to make calls.
  4. Write a letter to the editor expressing your disgust or express your view on a specific topic.
  5. Post comments on twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
  6. Better yet make a video of you expressing your views.
  7. Retweet as much as you can on twitter.
  8. Do not get discouraged! Stay positive.
  9. Do not allow anyone to intimidate you.
  10. When we know the results for sure, plan a dance in but observing all of the CDC guidelines, get this link, go outside and dance.
Social Media Rules Now Until November 3rd.
If you can Jump for joy!!!
Get others to jump and dance.
DANCE !!!!!! DANCE!!!!!!!!

“They’re dancing in Chicago (dancing in the street)
Down in New Orleans (dancing in the street)
In New York City (dancing in the street)

All we need is music, sweet music
There’ll be music everywhere
There’ll be swinging, swaying, and records playing
Dancing in the street”

The ultimate count down – 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1- November 3rd!

We have come a long way folks. We are still fighting this deadly virus and World Pandemic. 230,000 people are DEAD! They were our fellow Americans. I do not care if they were American born, foreign born, rich, poor, White, Black, Yellow or if they were Democrats, Republicans or Independents. I don’t even care if they were Atheists, or Agnostics. They were human beings. They could not breathe a peaceful last breath because the virus would not let them breathe on their own. They did not have the strength to even say goodbye to a loved one. In many cases it was the beeping of the ventilator machine that announced their lonely transition. I am painting a grim and dark picture here because some people just need to wake up to the reality that if we do not cooperate and help each other stay safe, there is a possibility (hope not) that one hundred more human beings will die as many more are infected!

The ones who survive will more than likely not have long lasting side effects but many will continue to suffer. Reports from real people say they will have lung, heart and other vital organs affected for possibly the rest of their lives. This is like having another type of cancerous cell in your body. Post-COVID patients will be at risk of being labeled as having pre-existing illnesses that may not be covered by health insurance. They may have trouble getting insured or may see higher premiums and copays to deal with. 

The countdown must be shouted at the top of our lungs. We must do what is right for all the people. We must continue to listen to the experts and scientists. You know – the ones with the higher educational degrees that certify that they actually have the knowledge and experience to tell us the truth and to develop the right protocols, medicines, vaccines and effective measures to combat the virus. It has not gone away. 

My family is facing a difficult moment right now. And although it is not COVID related, I cannot bear the thought that anyone in my extended family might have to suffer from COVID because they have an underlying disease.

I will not rest peacefully until we conquer this viral disease. I will not rest peacefully until we rid ourselves of the deceitful, misleading, and dangerous misinformation that flows from the House of the People. Our democracy, freedom of speech, and civil rights are at stake right now. We need to revert back to the respectful discourse, honesty, and to the values we have cherished since the birth of our free nation. Many brave men and women died to preserve our Constitutions and the laws that protect us. 

Some of you may not agree with my stance but this is the beauty of a democracy. We can disagree. But we must also accept the truth. The Constitution, our Bill of Rights and Liberties must not be trampled or tarnished. Empires and very powerful countries fall when the people get too complacent and allow corrupt leaders to dictate bigotry and hate. This is not the American way. I learned this from my sixth grade teacher. We must work together for the good of all. I beg you. We must work together.

I listened to this song this morning as I witnessed the audacity and determination of a long line of voters waiting to cast their vote early. They started dancing in place to make their long wait a little more bearable. So to end on a high note I want to share this classic. I will be doing the same in my living room when the results come in and tell us we have won our nation back. Stay safe, and God bless America!

We will win and celebrate!

Looking back – 85 Days ago

I started blogging about the importance of voting when the number of days left for the election was 100 days. That was 85 days ago. Since then more than 220,000 people are dead because of the COVID 19 pandemic. About 8 million people have been diagnosed with the virus. We have seen POTUS taken to Walter Reed Hospital by helicopter. We have witnessed his rapid recovery and how he continues to defy the science and literally continue to put himself, his family, and his followers at risk. He was so blessed to survive the virus. I truly do not understand how he cannot rally his followers and ask them to follow the guidelines and protect others and themselves. This is not about how I feel politically. It is about my love for our country and humanity. It is about my grandchildren and their future. It is about my family members that are the more vulnerable. I am appalled at the disrespect for the dead. People who were role models, first responders, front line and essential workers. They died alone in many cases. They lived hoping and praying for a miracle but the virus was too cruel.

Fifteen days are left for the elections. My fervent hope is that we all unite, vote and that scientists can find the best path to bring us peace of mind and some kind of normalcy. As I write this I will have to deal with the illness of a family member who I adore with all my heart and soul. Not COVID, BUT VERY SERIOUS. So you may not see many posts in the coming days. But within the 15 days I want to honor as many COVID victims as I can. If you know of anyone who is a victim or survivor of COVID please post a picture or comment about the person here in the comments section. We need to show the faces of the afflicted. Make them real. Please help me honor them with the dignity they deserve. In the meantime, stay safe, wear a mask and go out and vote. God bless you all. God bless America.

An ode to Victory

Some people think that victory

is fickle

and is gained sometimes with a double edged sword.

Victory will come here

when We The People

join in mind and spirit

and fight against

bigotry, hatred, division itself,

and the ugly face of hipocrasy

that emerges when

truth wants to win and be the sole victor.

Our democracy demands equality, justice,

and the eloquence of powerful words,

the most beautiful descriptions of who we are as Americans.

Let no foreign, local or evil force

dominate us or decide our future for us.

We have joined to conquer evil before.

It is our solemn and ultimate right and privilige

to go out and vote.

Stay on that line,

Stay on that line,

That is the line that will lead us to victory.

Because when we stay on the line

there cannot be any detours or distractions.

Stay on the line

because a divided people is where

we must draw the line.


Image by mdefrancesco from Pixabay

the Rocking Chair

Someone told the story about their grandfather’s love for his wife. She passed first from this deadly virus. He passed a few months later from heartbreak. I was so moved and it prompted me to write this poem as a memorial. God bless their souls and may their memories be a blessing. As of today 216,000 people are dead. More than 25,000 more can potentially die if the deaths continue at the rate of 1000 deaths daily by election day. Please vote!

It sits there waiting for him to come back,

He who loved it best

will never return to it again,

to share his joys

in silence, and sometimes

whisper his long held secrets.

Like how he should have let her win the argument

she was so passionate about.

Like how he ate the tofu but he really hated it.

He gave that rocking chair a special purpose.

It rocked him to sleep when he missed her the most,

and could not bare to sleep in the bed they shared for so many years.

It tolerated his snoring when she could not.

It did not complain when he packed his three grandchildren on to it.

He loved their hugs and kisses so much.

The rocking chair brought him peace.

He loved its attention;

and often was the sole witness

as he smiled

when his dreams were the sweet dreams

that brought her back to him.

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