Art as Healer

When art saves your soul,

When art helps you to breathe,

then all you do is art.

The love art brings to life

is too great and never

lets you down.

The love of art

helps one heal

from loss and grief.

The love of art

is a permanent emotion.

it stays and does not abandon you.

it fills part of the void that

is in your broken heart.

What Dreams Are Made Of

My dreams are always surreal

Depicting scenes in someone else’s dream

that somehow I intercept

or is it that someone somehow invades mine.

This time Shakespeare came to show me

where he wrote Romeo and Juliet.

No doubt inspired

by the sweet aroma of a lavender field.

Should it have been a tragedy at the end?

Then so unexpectedly

came a whisper from the Bard,

“Alas that love, whose view is muffled still

Should without eyessee pathways to his will.”

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A New Found Poem

The space between moments

are only discovered by

those mindful of their surroundings.

Magical surprises spring up

to boggle and fascinate the mind

and to continue to ask questions

yet unanswered.

The memories of an old love

find their way into my soul;

sending regards to one special moment.

So unique it cannot be revealed.

The space between moments,

are filled with sounds,

of streaming rivers,

and soft winds

whispering the secrets

of eternity.

Just listen!

Words and titles borrowed from the posts of:

John Coyote

Catherine ArcolioLeaf And Twig

Gratitude is the sign of noble souls. – Aesop

I found the quote by Aesop and it spoke to me. I decided it would be a good title for the post. It made me think about how important it is to be grateful. Someone said we must also be grateful for the bad things. I have a little problem with being grateful for the bad things. I can’t imagine the family members who lost loved ones in the latest mass shootings, could ever feel gratitude for such horror. I offer my condolences to all those family members.

The following made my day today, so therefore, I am grateful.

When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully.

When there is darkness, dare to be the first to shine a light.

When there is injustice, dare to be the first to condemn it.

When something seems difficult, dare to do it anyway.

When life seems to beat you down, dare to fight back.

When there seems to be no hope, dare to find some.

When you’re feeling tired, dare to keep going.

When times are tough, dare to be tougher.

When love hurts you, dare to love again.

When someone is hurting, dare to help them heal.

When another is lost, dare to help them find the way.

When a friend falls, dare to be the first to extend a hand.

When you cross paths with another, dare to make them smile.

When you feel great, dare to help someone else feel great too.

When the day has ended, dare to feel as you’ve done your best.

Dare to be the best you can –

At all times, Dare to be!” 
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

A Week to be Mindful and Grateful

Last year about his time, I was experiencing much doubt as to whether or not I should be grateful or not. I had just lost my son and I was in a lot of pain and also angry. The stages of grief are experienced in different ways and the emotional tsunami strikes down our belief system sometimes. Doubt and questions set the tone to feel helpless. Thirteen months have passed since my son’s transition to that very familiar but truly unknown and mysterious space people talk about. Some call it heaven. I call the space between because I want to believe he is that close to all of us. So, therefore, today I am grateful because I am in a slightly less negative place and I want to thank the people who have provided emotional support during my journey, some even among my WordPress community.

This week will be devoted to being more grateful and mindful of the many things that truly matter in this life. I collected many quotes to share with you. Some of which have been the inspiration for this post and for some poems I have written. I hope this helps those of you who have had doubts about gratefulness and who have a personal reason to believe that being mindful is a part of being grateful.

Here are some quotes to ponder:

“How can i grasp it? No, do not grasp it. Whatever remains when there is no more grasping, is the self,” – Vidyaranya, Panchadasi

“Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around us in awareness,”

-James Thurber

“I found myself being grateful for the acorn that dropped directly on my stubborn head to let me know I am alive and that I must live it fully.” – Melba Christie

Please let me know what you think and share what you are grateful for these days.

Soul Moments

Had a talk with my soul today;

I thanked it for grounding me.

It told me not to fear;

his soul is always near.

For it is he,

who brings me back,

to those sweet memories,

that fill my eyes with happy tears.

Had a talk with my soul today;

asked it to stick around,

until all love lost is found.

Soul moments can be eternal;

even though life is short.

It reminded me,

life begins again every minute

magically and mindfully;

in the stillness of now.


I have been seeing much frustration in people’s eyes lately. I wonder why?

Poemattic: Poetry and Art for the Soul

“Then love knew it was called love.
And when I lifted my eyes to your name,
suddenly your heart showed me my way” -Pablo Neruda

Josephina's eyes

I am convinced that looking into a person’s eyes can lead you to interpretation of someone’s sadness, joy, confusion, depression, and even sanity. Lately, I have trying to capture the essence of these emotions when I photograph someone. My beautiful baby granddaughter has captivating eyes. I love to watch her look into her mother’s eyes. Her curiosity is astounding for a five month old infant. She examines her surroundings and then will look at you at if to ask what is this or where am I?

Of course, I am not original in my fascination with eyes and what they can reveal. Many photographers try to capture the essence of their subjects’ eyes. I will follow suit by taking photographs of people’s eyes in the…

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I am Just wondering

I am Just wondering, why?

Wondering can be devastating

and disappointing too.

They say curiosity killed the cat;

was it because the wondering

may bring it back,

to a reality unknown?

Did the proverbial cat ever know for sure

nine lives is what they are entitled to?

And did they ever wonder why they were chosen to stay alive so many times?

And did you ever

wonder why nine lives was not

bestowed on you and I?

Perhaps it may be the cat did not care to know;

so they just went with the flow.

I wonder what it is that may astonish others.

Is it when they see the Light;

and the miracle behind it?

Does anyone care to wonder anymore?

Nothing is a secret; many things have been revealed.

Is wondering not what it was before?

I know that for me, wondering gives me hope.

So I will take some time today to wonder,

just once more?

Photo by Melba Christie (C) 2021

I feel I have to say something before I go mad

I feel I have to say something;

I feel I have to do something too,

before I go mad.

I refuse to go gentle on this subject;

our humanity is at stake.

We do not have to go far

to help avoid a sad mistake.

We must unite simply as human beings,

not politically,

not religiously ,

just humanly.

Blood is red in every vein;

oxygen breathes in every lung;

hope should live in every heart.

No need to keep tearing each other apart.

One million plus souls

“left before the fog rose.”

Don’t let the brume and daze take over;

we must each help

to put our house back in order.

Let us not continue to walk in a trance;

Let us wake up again to true freedom and dance.

It may seem perplexing, obscure and confusing at times,

But truth will never baffle the soul.

I feel I must say something

I feel I must do something too,

Before I succumb to hopelessness and doom.

Emily said, “Forever is composed of nows. and

that Truth is so rare, it is delightful to tell it.”

Hold dear to the truth; say something; do something,

This is my poem to the world;

Listen carefully to “hear America sing again.”

Do not allow our democracy die!

A Little Boy Goes

Today I reread this poem and  I am still looking for answers. I decided to record it.  I hope you will answer the poll questions on Spotify and leave comments here. 


Poemattic: Poetry and Art for the Soul

In man’s search for meaning

a little boy goes

hoping that someday he

will find his very own

Soon finding he is not alone.

His dream is for someday

to reach a star

not at all concerned

about how high or far

asking endless questions about

who, what and why?

He mostly wants to know

why we all must die.

In man’s search for meaning

a little boy goes

hoping that someday he

will find his very own

All he longs for is to be free

and that world peace

is our destiny.

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