Journaling and Coloring

Originally posted on Poemattic: Poetry and Art for the Soul:
For me both journaling and coloring are great for the soul. Then again all art forms are soulful experiences for me. I published a book that focuses on both journaling and coloring. The book contains mandalas i drew and pages to jot down reflections. I included some inspirational quotes that I call food for thought.… Continue reading Journaling and Coloring

Too Many Storms On My Mind

Too many storms on my mind; the ravage is immense. I woke up this morning with the memory of that dreadful day, when I first DOUBTED the goodness of human beings. I remember looking out towards the area where the Twin Towers stood galantly almost Quixotesque like, A powerful image envied by architects, only to see clouds of smoke streaming to the skies. The morning … Continue reading Too Many Storms On My Mind