A Plea to a Narcissistic Man

Who is that hollow man? Does he know how the mighty have fallen? He needs to stop chasing the wrong things, You are not always right Do you even know, “The Seven Rules of Life”? He who reigns within himself Cannot find his own heart And cannot have absolute mastery of himself Many of us fear your kind of man. People ask, Have you no … Continue reading A Plea to a Narcissistic Man

A Found Poem – Closing National Poetry Month

  A Found Poem   Flightless wings know very well Authenticity lives in death The song of May reminds us that Mother’s Day is near and a Mother’s fear grows more today Because The Promised Land no longer sows Bluebells in the sunshine Beside the old Trail of Hope Where I used to collect my dreams one by one But despite the awful things That … Continue reading A Found Poem – Closing National Poetry Month

Haiku – Poets

  Poets Poets gather here under the tree of life ONOMATOPOEIAS!   Here is an example of an onomatopoeia poem. I invite you to write one for Poem In Your Pocket Day. Running Water water plops into pond splish-splash downhill warbling magpies in tree trilling, melodic thrill   whoosh, passing breeze flags flutter and flap frog croaks, bird whistles babbling bubbles from tap *This poem … Continue reading Haiku – Poets