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When Art is Poetry

Art is poetry when the colors display fiery emotions. Art is poetry when the artist’s imagination soars to the heavens, Art is poetry when the images inspire and touch the soul.

The Poet’s Craft — Vishal Dutia

We grind the grit and rhyme,To weave a tale that’s prime,With words that dance and sing,And make our spirits take wing. We search for just the right phrase,To set our readers’ hearts ablaze,To paint a picture in their minds,And leave them with a sense that… The Poet’s Craft — Vishal Dutia I had to share this…

A Poem by Roberto Sosa

The Poor BY ROBERTO SOSA TRANSLATED FROM THE SPANISH BY SPENCER REECE The poor are many and so— impossible to forget. No doubt, as day breaks, they see the buildings where they wish they could live with their children. They can steady the coffin of a constellation on their shoulders. They can wreck the air like…

When Someone Needs You

When someone needs you you want to know it’s true you hope that when they are no longer with you somehow they still do. But the truth is that when someone needs you you probably need them a lot more. – Melba Christie Song is poetry most of the time. The following song by Anne…


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