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Thoughts to Ponder

“Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come” – Rabindranath Tagore


Searching for Peace

It has been now 28 days since my son’s passing. I find myself searching for peace of mind. Mourning is very complicated especially when you are mourning the death of a son. I know deep in my heart that he has finally found peace and that comforts me. I know he is no longer in physical pain.

I have often said that Poetry is life; Life is Poetry. I find myself digging up poems I had written about and to my children. I spend hours looking through old photographs that can be translated into poems. I search for peace within the collections of poetry that gave me comfort and peace of mind; poetry that inspired me to write my own poems.

I came across some poetry and thoughts by Khalil Gibran – Lebanese Poet and Philosopher. Please listen to A Tear and a Smile. I hope this brings peace to those of you who may need peace of mind right now.

My Great Loss

I have not posted any new poems lately. We were away with our son who became very ill. He is now in the heaven he believed in so much. We miss him so much. The poem below is dedicated to him. It is the first full poem that I have been able to sit and write since he passed away. I often wrote poems for my children but never read the poems to them. I do not know why. But I hope that he hears me reading this one. I want all of you to know not to make that mistake; I mean to wait to say anything loving and meaningful to your loved one especially your children. Thanks for your continued support.

I return to writing my poems with deep sadness in my heart

I never dreamed we’d be this very far apart;

Unable to see you anymore

and hold you close like I did before.

As destiny would have it

we lived a distance from each other;

but not as far away as now.

I would have liked for you to live closer

but life took you elsewhere to fulfill your dreams.

and to find your life’s purpose.

Losing one of my children was always one of my greatest fears

a parent should be the one to go firstt

and children should be left with the tears.

Distance made it hard for us to share

so many things with you right in the moment.

So I would whisper my Blessings and

silently pray for God to keep you well.

but only time would really tell.

what destiny had in mind.

So I’d send you virtual hugs by the dozen

and millions of kisses as well

Cause just one kiss at a time

would never be enough.

To show you just how much

You were missed and loved.

Now your dad and I must wait until

Our dying day

To see you again in heaven.

In the meantime,

I hope you can feel when hugs and kisses come your way.

even though you are no longer here and so very far away.

I wish our Prayers for your survival had been answered;

As we believed so deeply in our pleas

to the Greatest Force there is;

but, as you always would say to me;

Mom, “It is what it is.”

Well, that does not bring me much comfort now, dear son;

perhaps it Never will.

All I ask is that when I too cease to be,

and lay absolutely silent and still

That you come and take my hand,

to help me enter Eternity.

Just wondering

Just wondering why

wondering can be devastating

and disappointing too.

Yet, they say curiosity killed the cat

because the wondering may bring it back

to a reality unknown.

Did the proverbial cat ever know or is it true

nine lives is what they do.

And did they ever wonder why?

Like you and I?

Perhaps it is a wonder it did not care to know;

So they just went with the flow.

Wondering what it is that may astonish others?

When they saw the light;

and the miracle behind it,

Did they wonder why?

Did no one wonder anymore?

Or did they wonder

just once more?

Closer To The Heavens

Four souls are ushered to the heavens

a new shepard guides their journey;

the creator called blue origin is apropos

as they get closer to the heavens

a lifelong dream becomes true

only a 10-minute flight in reality

and a memory that will last centuries.

Amulets are carried for good luck

a piece of canvas from the Wright Flyer, and

a bronze medallion that was made from the first hot air balloon flight in 1783.

A historic day, a successful experiement

a blissful crew.

And the rest of us watch in awe,

hopeful that we also

can get closer to the heavens.

In the meantime,

let’s take care of our precious planet now

let’s be considerate and loving to each other.

Quote 4 today

“Life laughs at you when you are unhappy; Life smiles at you when you are happy;

but life salutes you when you are making others happy.” -Charlie Chaplin

SURVEY: I would love to hear from you. It would maKe me very happy.

What makes you happy?

How do you make others happy?

Watching Nature at Work Makes me Happy.

Purple pansies pop-up in the early morning,

welcoming me to stay and watch mindfully.

I thank the universe for their exquisite beauty.

Sometimes they sing silent psalms

and I am reminded of my mom, how she would talk to her plants;

she believed they had a heart and listened.

Now I am the one who listens

with the hope that they will tell me

the miracle will be soon.

What makes you happy? You will make me very happy if you submit a comment or response. Have a beautiful day!

Back Again!

It has been a while since my last post. Family illness and life consumed most of my time. I hope to get back into the rhythm of writing poems and painting which are the two things I love the most. I did keep a journal where I jotted my deep thoughts, some short poems, and quips and quotes I come across. Today I want to share a poem I wrote recently.

When Sadness Stares You in the Face

Sadness crept up behind me

as I looked into the mirror

It stared me in the face

I could feel its heartache

as if it were mine.

It told me sorrow never stands alone

It pierces the soul

It wails and deafens

But that fact does not make it proud.

I stared at it for a while

and then I decided to ignore it

I wished away its dysphoria, and the despondence

I challenged the bleakness

and it finally disappeared

Only my reflection remained

and the sun’s evening rays beamed through

I knew then that hope was on its way.

Asking you for prayers

I was a little hesitant

to open up my heart

and ask you for your prayers

but a great love of my life

brings me to this plea

because a prayer to me

is a force unlike any other

almost as powerful as poetry

I believe God will be listening

as I have asked you unpretentiously

to join me in prayer for the healing

of a person so dear to me.

I will be forever grateful

to you all

and to the Lord above.

listen to the river

“The river has great wisdom and whispers its secrets to the hearts of men.”

– Mark Twain

Image by Hardebeck Media from Pixabay

How important is it,

if I had a song?

My very own song,

A song to praise Mother Earth!

Would I be dancing on my own,

without a care in the world?

Listen to what

the magical tune of the river tells us

The message is hopeful


in this time of so much confusion.

You may still hear some craziness.

You may still feel like you are in the dark.

Yet, if you are still, and listen carefully

the magical tune of the river will whisper

And Peace will be your song.

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