A tribute to my fellow bloggers

This post is dedicated to many of my fellow bloggers. I used the titles of their blogs to inspire my poem. My wish is to thank my fellow bloggers for their comments and support throughout my tenure here at WordPress. I hope no one is offended if I did not include them this time around. Once again thank you all for your support as I … Continue reading A tribute to my fellow bloggers


April is National Poetry Month and as always I try to attend as many poetry readings as I possibly can. When I taught high school I would also attend conferences and workshops for educators and poets. I have so many wonderful memories of those days. Another great activity this month is Poem in Your Pocket Day 2019 is on April 18 and is part of National Poetry Month. … Continue reading HAPPY NATIONAL POETRY MONTH

The Words I Love #2

These are some of the words I truly love: There’s gorgeous, grandiose, and green then there’s soothe, silly, and savvy and of course, omnipotent, and magnanimous along with mini and mania, but best of all are verbs like kiss, kissing, and kissed. These words I will forever miss. Since this first poem I have added some more words I love.   There’s lenience, tolerance, and … Continue reading The Words I Love #2

Inspiration Lives On

A few years ago I wrote a piece titled Don’t Die Wondering inspired by a quote by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. I published it on a website called Divine Caroline which is where I started submitting essays and poems as a guest blogger.  I would get so excited when I received an email from the site telling me my poem or essay was accepted for … Continue reading Inspiration Lives On