Are you as tired as I am?

I am so tired;

I am so fatigued.

At the same time,

I am so intrigued

by the power of lies

that flow freely

without shame.

No one wants to call it what it is

Someone please give it it’s proper name.

I am so tired;

when I look in the mirror,

collective conscience concedes.

I am so fatigued.

Are you as tired as I am?

Please let me know how tired you may be feeling about what is happening in our country. I am so interested in knowing the emotional stress that people are under right now. There are apps that are being promoted on-line for people to use for relaxation. I will devote one post a week to try to help myself and anyone else who wishes to join me in coping with the stress and exhaustion caused by the tension, uncertainty and frankly craziness that is going on. Please continue to stay safe and follow the medical guidelines that make sense. We need to protect each other. God bless.