Thoughts About My Dad on Father’s Day

A few memories

just visited me

on this Father’s Day,

to remind me

of my dear old dad,

and the things he used to say.

His wisdom of practical design,

inspired us to think all the time.

“Try to stay as healthy as you can because being alive can be dangerous.”

“Live life knowing it is the only one you have; no one has come back to tell us otherwise.”

“Give your all and don’t think twice about helping out a stranger; for all of us are one.”

I hear his hearty laughter

as contagious like a cold.

I see his big bright smile

spreading happiness to all.

I see him working hard

day in and day out

singing all the while

his favorite arias

and whistling Broadway tunes

almost like Frank Sinatra

I remember how he hugged me

like he was hugging the whole world

all at once for the last time.

A memory I hope that stays

with me

until the day I die.

I am sure he’ll wait for me

at the pearly gate,

along Saint Peter,

(of whom he will be sure to say is his best friend),

And just like he did when on earth

he’ll whisk me away

in his Cadillac.

trying to beat

the parking maid

before she reads the meter.

Happy Father’s Day in Heaven!

Love you always.


  • Beautiful thoughts and poem. I also wanted to say thank you for sharing the story about the lady you met after reciting the Langston Hughes poem, what a poignant and beautiful moment that must have been and what a selfless, wonderful woman, to have done all for her children so they could succeed and turning to her own literacy at the age of 70 where she encounters the beautiful voice of Langston Hughes. Unfortunately the video of him reciting was blocked for me, but I will see if there is an audio recording elsewhere. I love the way Hughes honours his grandmother in his novel Not Without Laughter and the many grandmothers who were able to step in when their daughters or sons were at that point in life when they were trying to better themselves and the grandmother provides the necessary stability, love and nurturing required while keeping them headed in a good direction. Much appreciation to you for sharing.