Reading Poetry Aloud

Many folks read poetry silently

mindful that they may not

fully understand

the meaning,

the purpose,

the theme,

and the fluidity of a poem.

Why do some poems deserve to be



memorized and even metamorphized

into sweet song lyrics.

I secretly hope mine are someday.

Poems are best when read aloud

I learned that late in life.

They resonate and

infuse your blood stream

with love and passion

as a prayer does.

You become mindful of every breath,

every stress, every meter,

as the words beat in your heart.

I want to hear

the rhymes

but sometimes

I rather repeat just one line

that get lost in the endlessness of time.

Read poetry aloud I say.

As the end of April and National Poetry Month leaves us, I will post some poems to be read aloud. Also I will post some videos of some poets reading their poetry. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Also stay safe. Don’t forget to take deep cleansing breaths. Poetry Month may soon be over but using poetry to help you feel calm and peaceful will always be available.