HAIKU – Prayer

The spirit, the truth

of silent prayer –

just the moon on the road.


This poem says so much in such few words. I recently posted a video, “A Prayer For Us All” on my YouTube channel that focuses on prayer and meditation during this difficult time for so many. Silent prayer and stillness has never been more needed. I invite you to watch and please leave a prayer wish in the comments section. I plan to post many more uplifting videos so please subscribe as well.

I stopped watching the daily reports of the death tolls as a result of COVID-19. It simply saddened me too much. Prayer is needed more than ever. Prayer to me means voicing what is in your heart. It means that I am somehow in communion with other voices that are expressing the same needs, fears, and pain.

I thank God everyday for keeping my family and friends safe. I pray for sanity and peace across our nation. Prayers awaken us and helps us to be more aware no matter how painful it might be,

So, I want to thank my fellow bloggers for posting uplifting messages and providing such wonderful content. Be safe and God bless.

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