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My Very Private Angel (c) 2018

HAIKU – Prayer

The spirit, the truth

of silent prayer –

just the moon on the road.


This poem says so much in such few words. I recently posted a video, “A Prayer For Us All” on my YouTube channel that focuses on prayer and meditation during this difficult time for so many. Silent prayer and stillness has never been more needed. I invite you to watch and please leave a prayer wish in the comments section. I plan to post many more uplifting videos so please subscribe as well.

I stopped watching the daily reports of the death tolls as a result of COVID-19. It simply saddened me too much. Prayer is needed more than ever. Prayer to me means voicing what is in your heart. It means that I am somehow in communion with other voices that are expressing the same needs, fears, and pain.

I thank God everyday for keeping my family and friends safe. I pray for sanity and peace across our nation. Prayers awaken us and helps us to be more aware no matter how painful it might be,

So, I want to thank my fellow bloggers for posting uplifting messages and providing such wonderful content. Be safe and God bless.


The above drawing is what gratitude represents to me. Today more than any other day I am truly grateful. My son and his family, other family members and friends are safe and sound from the destruction left behind by Hurricane Irma.
My deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives during this monster storm. I hope you are able to recover from your material losses.  I pray you can rebuild your homes. Keep the faith. This too shall pass.


My gratitude is a never ending cycle of love.

My gratitude sounds like cellos and arias as only Luciano could sing them.

My gratitude can fill the largest stadium with roses.

My gratitude stretches across the universe.

My gratitude is as great as all the stars shining bright at night.

My gratitude cannot be photographed, painted, sculpted, written, expressed in any way. It is unique.

My gratitude speaks all languages.

My gratitude transcends all faiths and ways of worship.

My gratitude is explicit and implicit.

My gratitude is full of love.


Happy Birthday Poemattic!

I cannot believe that almost a whole year has passed since I wrote my  first post for Poemattic. One hundred and eighty-one posts later, I feel like I have shared so much with my faithful 101  followers thus far. I have learned so much from other WordPress bloggers . It is like I have taken a year-long course. I want to thank all my followers. Every time I receive a new comment or see that little orange star on my dashboard my spirit is lifted.

I have tried to get some of you to take part in a few challenges. I hope that I am able to create more ways to get you to interact. The purpose of Poemattic was to create a space for you to share original or very favorite poems. I am hoping to be considered for Freshly Pressed Award.

I will start posting original recording of my poems. I love reciting and during National Poetry Month this year I will launch a page with audio-recordings of my poems.

Please continue to visit Poemattic. I love the company and feel Like I am a member of a very special community.


Lovely Blog Award Nomination


I am happy to report that Poemattic.WordPress.com has received a nomination for the Lovely Blog Award. I was nominated by http://tersiaburger.com. I want to take this opportunity to thank her. I also ask my followers to send good energy her way for her daughter is battling serious illness. I believe in the power generated by well wishers, call it prayer or whatever else. It helps so much.

I have read many blogs and I will have some nominations to announce myself. Thanks to all my followers and readers for your support. I will soon be posting seven things about me to conform to the requirements for the Lovely Blog Award. I truly enjoy reading your comments. Happy Blogging!