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When Poetry Lives in your heart

When poetry lives in your heart

there is so much love to impart

the imagination grows

like cherry blossoms in the spring

but your muse will never know

how divine His work of art

and how many souls began to sing.

One line will not fall apart

and forever will be remembered

Life is poetry; and poetry is life, my friend!

The rhymes, metaphors and meter

will stay with us until the end.

HAIKU – Prayer

The spirit, the truth

of silent prayer –

just the moon on the road.


This poem says so much in such few words. I recently posted a video, “A Prayer For Us All” on my YouTube channel that focuses on prayer and meditation during this difficult time for so many. Silent prayer and stillness has never been more needed. I invite you to watch and please leave a prayer wish in the comments section. I plan to post many more uplifting videos so please subscribe as well.

I stopped watching the daily reports of the death tolls as a result of COVID-19. It simply saddened me too much. Prayer is needed more than ever. Prayer to me means voicing what is in your heart. It means that I am somehow in communion with other voices that are expressing the same needs, fears, and pain.

I thank God everyday for keeping my family and friends safe. I pray for sanity and peace across our nation. Prayers awaken us and helps us to be more aware no matter how painful it might be,

So, I want to thank my fellow bloggers for posting uplifting messages and providing such wonderful content. Be safe and God bless.

Quotes that could have been poems


Photo by Melba Christie   (c) 2012


Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


“I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues.”

Duke Ellington


“If you are yourself at peace, then there is at least some peace in the world. Then share your peace with everyone, and everyone will be at peace.”        –Thomas Merton


“I am very happy, very enchanted … for  I am surrounded here by everything I love… My desire would be to stay just like this forever, in a quiet corner of nature. –Claude Monet


“Just living is not enough,” said the butterfly. “One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”  –Hans Christian Anderson



I should have been an opera singer

I should have been an opera singer,

like my daddy said

I should have been an opera singer,

but now I am a poet instead


Don’t get me wrong I could hit

those high notes as high

as any of the best

but to write a poem a day

has been the greatest test.


I love Nessum Dorma

Pavarotti’s version though

it always makes me cry

perhaps it is

because I know

the meaning of the word Vincerò!


I really should have been an opera singer

like my daddy said

but I decided to be a poet instead

and by the way a teacher too.


Poetry is a beautiful thing

Poetry is life.

I try to make my words mean something

and sometimes when I am lucky

the right words come in

so I hope someone to motivate

somebody to grab their Gibson guitar

and make the words just sing.


I could have been an opera singer,

like my daddy said

but I want to write poems

for the rest of my life instead.


So the next time

you hear my favorite aria

“Nessum Dorma”

you might just think of me

and what I was supposed to be.


I could have been an opera singer

like my daddy said

but I chose to be a poet instead

and I hope I am a good one

and get into your head.





When We Listen

When We listen

When we listen
we can hear the unspoken words
of the sages of the future

when we listen
the songs of the crickets
are meant to heal our souls

when we listen
we can decipher
the secret whispers
of the butterflies


Photo by Melba Christie

When we listen
we can hear
the heart strings of a young lover
strumming like an acoustic guitar

when we listen
we can hear
the harp of our soul
playing an opus
to help us become
more aware of who we are

when we listen
there’s no telling
what sounds will resonate
to help us appreciate
the life we take for granted
all the more.