The Flower of My Town

The flower of my Town

There is a song my mother sang

about the flower of her town

apparently it sprung up all around,

All you had to do was look at it

and it would make you smile.

The claim is no one who lived there

ever carried a frown.

Old wives told her that the reason

why hummingbirds loved to hover over

was because as legend had it

the flower was a long lost lover.

The magical bird and the beautiful red flower

had been human at some point in time

but the wrath of one mythical god

changed them forever

for no reason and no rhyme.

The bird destined to find its beloved

hovers over every red flower it sees

hoping one day it may recover

the love it lost and could never get over.

My mother the romantic believed that a love so true

had to end in happiness like in a fairy tale.

So she planted her favorite flower

with hope that maybe someday

the hummingbird would find its long lost love

which would mean that love is here to stay.

The flower of my town, exquisite and almost royal

awaits the humming of the one bird

that has always been so loyal.

The flower of my town is a story

my mother told me

when I was very young;

and I pass it on every chance I get.

a story of love and nature

that I cherish

and will never ever forget.

Melba Christie (C) 2015