Ah Spring! _ A Poem A Day

Pansies stained of crimson and purple a sure sign of nature’s healing power   Sweet peas sing spring a sun kissed lovely flower. Daffodils spread and smiles grow when tulips stand tall and the Ranunculus dazzles us with it’s colors of pastel   clusters of forsythia brighten the afternoon Peonies captivate the senses along with the perfume of gardenias   What a celebration to remind … Continue reading Ah Spring! _ A Poem A Day

An Unexpected Visit from a Unicorn

In this poem I have used some nonsense words I made up.   The rain breeped through the lofty trees on this clograyly fall day The hardy mums left from the summer were however happy that they had stayed.   Golinlimpling down the steep hill sprinted a beautiful unicorn eager to meet the lovers just married in the storm.   The unicorn’s voice so sweet … Continue reading An Unexpected Visit from a Unicorn