Crazy Dream

I read somewhere that in order to diversify your themes and topics for writing poetry or stories,you should write down the things you dream about as soon as you awake. Last night was full of  pleasant dreams for the most part. I have mentioned before my dreams are usually colorful and many times surreal. My dream last night was about my mother who passed away about twenty-two years ago. In this dream she was very chatty. We sat alongside sipping from our favorite mugs. I still have hers.

The second part of my dream took place in this beautiful but surreal garden. I could actually smell the essential fragrances of the flowers and herbs. I felt like I was at a spa. The colors blended and kind of melted into each other. Some of the plants and flowers actually spoke to me but I cannot remember any of It.

I started painting what I remembered right away. Please send me your opinion and comments; I just love when I get comments.


4 thoughts on “Crazy Dream

  1. I would so love to dream of chatting with my mom. I will never stop missing her. I remember her complaining that her husband never dropped in to chat with her after his death–and now she’s doing it to me!

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    1. My dreams about mom do not occur as often as I’d like but the amazing thing is that I can feel the love. I think about her everyday and I write her notes in a journal I devoted exclusively to her. Perhaps all of those moments help me to connect to her via dreams.

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