89 days – There is no next.

There is no next

There may be a tomorrow at best

but be sure of your now

The time is now

We know what is happening now

If you happen to be sad,

it is only in the now.

Therefore, happiness is now.

Love is now.

We need to listen now.

We need to act now.

Everyday of this countdown is now.

The truth is only now.

Are you listening to that truth?

The challenge is only now.

Our challenge is right now.

Listen carefully.

The greatest message is only now.

We can do it together in the now.

Just remember; there is no next.

I want to share this video with Dr. Deepak Chopra regarding focusing on the now and present. Hopefully this will help some of you during this pandemic. We all need to be healthy and happy again. We need to be in the now together to effect the changes we want starting now. Be safe, Be aware. The second video is a session with Eckhart Tolle where he talks about the now. I hope this creates some awareness. Enjoy and be safe. Please leave me your thoughts in the comments.

Eckhart Tolle and ALert Awareness