Sewing Machine

Never thought I would ever touch that old machine;

it was responsible for creating many attire.

My mom sat behind it for hours to confect

the dresses that would turn heads at church.

She never tired and still had energy to sew

after came home from the factory ,

where she made uniforms all day.

Never thought twice that she was too tired to continue sewing.

The old Singer sewing machine spoke to me this morning;

It reminded of the stories my mother told me,

about how the machine saved her during the depression,

of how her seamstress skills served the country twice.

Tears flowed down my face.

I hoped they would drown my pain; I had so many fears about what is happening today.

Then, I heard the anchor on the morning news say,

“Flags will be lowered at half mast to honor the victims of COVID 19.”

It is all like a bad dream, a nightmare.

The machine spoke to me again;

it asked me what my mother would have done.

I had never touched the Singer before,

mostly because it reminded me so much of her.

For me it was a shrine.

I quickly sat and turned the wheel to hear

the familiar sound of hard work and dedication.

YouTube provided me with some quick hacks

on how to make masks.

Would I dare make one?

Well I did.

Made some for my family.

Wish I could make more in bulk.

I felt my mom looking over my shoulder the whole time;

I missed a straight stitch here and there,

but who cares.

I learned once again

the power of love,

the value of family,

the lessons that mom embedded in my heart.

The one that resounds is always to give and do your part.

*I pray for all those who have been affected by the Corona Virus.

Please stay home if you can. Follow the guidelines to stay safe and healthy.

Do your part to help bring sanity to our nation.

God bless America!

Image by Christelle Olivier from Pixabay