Eighty-four Days – What we are up against?

As a retired educator, I feel the obligation to stress the need to help our children and young people right now. Parents and families need support as schools open within the next few weeks. School districts and their respective boards and local authorities are planning and trying to make ends meet with regard to supplies to keep their schools clean, safe and how to implement … Continue reading Eighty-four Days – What we are up against?

Sewing Machine

Never thought I would ever touch that old machine; it was responsible for creating many attire. My mom sat behind it for hours to confect the dresses that would turn heads at church. This after she came home from the factory where she made uniforms all day. Never thought twice that she was too tired to continue sewing. The old Singer sewing machine spoke to … Continue reading Sewing Machine

In Remembrance of My Father-in-Law

You became a father to me; I needed someone to look up to and make proud once again. You counseled me during hard times. You protected me when you thought I was not looking. You taught me that marriage is a heavenly partnership. I watched how much you loved your children and then the grandchildren we gave you. You were so proud when you met … Continue reading In Remembrance of My Father-in-Law