On Between Being and Non-being – A Found Poem by Melba Christie

On Between Being and Non-being – A Found Poem

It must be a wondrous state – the state of non-being

No one comes back to let us know

exactly what it’s like

But those who have experienced being resuscitated

and brought back to life

Tell us that there is a warm and loving light that surrounds and comforts.

The important thing is what we do in the between

Did we love unconditionally?

Did we soothe a troubled soul?

Did we practice the Golden Rule?

Were we true to ourselves?

Did we believe?

Does doing the right things and being a good being ensure

that we have a better non-being?

Should we worry more about today and not tomorrow?

Who knows?

Do you?

Image by Med Ahabchane from Pixabay


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