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On Between Being and Non-being – A Found Poem by Melba Christie

On Between Being and Non-being – A Found Poem

It must be a wondrous state – the state of non-being

No one comes back to let us know

exactly what it’s like

But those who have experienced being resuscitated

and brought back to life

Tell us that there is a warm and loving light that surrounds and comforts.

The important thing is what we do in the between

Did we love unconditionally?

Did we soothe a troubled soul?

Did we practice the Golden Rule?

Were we true to ourselves?

Did we believe?

Does doing the right things and being a good being ensure

that we have a better non-being?

Should we worry more about today and not tomorrow?

Who knows?

Do you?

Image by Med Ahabchane from Pixabay


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Blue Ecstacy


Where we are

by far

defines our existence.

But where are we really?

Are we here, in the now, in the present?

Or are we not in existence?

Are we in our own imagination?

A figment?

I like to think I am

inside this painting;

going around in circles

without a worry,

the universe embracing me

until I become a wave.