Farewell Mr. Koch

Born a Bronxite

A faithful New Yorker

from Manhattan to Queens

Brooklyn and back

both as an individual citizen

of the city that never

snoozes or naps

and as mayor

pinnacle of power

he often got a bad rap


Ed Koch

an icon became

a household name

the chutzpah

that represented

his city of fame

in the

toughest of times.



He loved his great city

with passion

and taught us all a lesson or two

about standing up for what is right

and not ever letting go of the fight


We will miss his candor,

his prolonged utterances

when making a point

in the name of his fellow

New Yonkers

from the Staten Island to Hunts Point


We all know what he’ll ask

at the big Pearly Gates

and he shared with us what

would be his epitaph

written on

his tombstone

Just as he would like it

he had the last word.


“He was fiercely proud of his Jewish faith. He fiercely defended the City of New York, and he fiercely loved its people. Above all, he loved his country, the United States of America, in whose armed forces he served in World War II.”



May You Rest in Peace Mr. Koch!