Places and Spaces

Dedicated to my son



I heard an architect

take a deep breath

when he saw the space

he thought he had only

envisioned in his imagination;

he was convinced

his Creator was the only

One capable

of designing such a beautiful place.


He asked himself if he should

manifest his desire

to expand his plan

to shape consciousness

to insist on harmony

to expand his perspective

beyond the first womb

where vital lessons about living

were learned in stillness


The architect translates

his dreams into reality

to delight the eyes

of humankind


He designs the places and spaces

that help us contemplate nature

without boundaries

to let us know we are interconnected

All One


Clouded sky


Look  around

The view is unique

because Architects

have challenged the skies

they’ve  discovered the shadows

that oppress the spirit

and redirect the influences

that affect the soul.



Look around

how some spaces remain


free to inspire

new generations

full of light and truth.


Look around for

the places and spaces

be ready to be mesmerized

over and over again.