What I Want to Forget

I have always feared the idea of developing Alzheimer’s. I cannot imagine not being able to recognize a loved one. I dread thinking of myself being incapable to handle a fork or knife because I have forgotten how to use them. I find this disease one of the saddest and most lonely. But sometimes there are things that I want to forget. There are things that I love to erase from my mind completely. These feeling emerge when I contaminate my brain with too many horrific headlines. The following poem is about the things I want to forget. What are some things that you want to forget or erase from collective memory?Please submit your comments.


What I Want to Forget


I want to forget the images of under nourished and abused children.

I want to forget the cruelty inflicted upon human beings in war-torn nations.

I want to forget some of the stories I heard as a child about the Holocaust.

I want to forget that so many people in this country go to bed hungry.

I want to forget how so many suffer with incurable diseases because there is no funding to find cures.

I want to forget the sounds of the respirator hooked up to my sister when she was in diabetic coma.

I want to forget about the social wars we wage every day with out end like the war on drugs and violence.

I guess I just want to forget the bad stuff. I want to forget the stuff that questions our humanity.

I suppose I am a dreamer. Or maybe I am in a dream hoping for a better world when I awake.

I do believe that we can help to erase some of these negative things if we join our efforts.

Our humanity is not a figment of our imaginations. Let’s not conform to say that we will never forget some of these atrocities.

I believe that what we can learn to say is that we will not allow any of these things to continue to happen on our watch.




  • A moving poem, thanks for sharing. I find this a tricky one because if I forget or do not acknowledge all this stuff is going on then what am I likely to do to stop it happening AND I also believe that what we focus on we give power to so yes, I’d like to give my attention and focus to all the good that is happening (because it is) but without denying that, right now, all those things you mention are part of the human experience too and need to be faced and loved into non existence.


    • It is tricky. I definitely try to focus more on the great things that life has to offer. Personally I cannot complain at so many levels. I cannot help but to think that somehow there is something that I should be doing. I do not have the answers; no one does. I just hate when bad things happen to innocent children most especially. Thanks for your comments.


  • I would also like to forget many things in my life but I suppose remembering (or knowledge) is what forms us….


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