on dreaming or not

Someone I do not know asked,
“Don’t you get tired of dreaming?”
I could not respond because I was in the middle of a dream.
You know,
the one that visits me to distract me from all others;
or the one I shared with the peacemakers of the world;
and the one that turned into whipped cream unexpectedly,
or the one that bounces endlessly on the trampoline and makes everyone giggle.
And the one that makes you think about it all the time,
The one that smells as sweet as cinnamon and apples;
Or the one that tells me secrets I do not want to know.
Now I can answer your question.
Are you still there?
Do you ever get tired of breathing?

Melba Christie

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  1. You have managed by your creatively to put into a WordPress Blog the ability to show the work of others on WordPress in a brilliant format. Thank you for exposing my spiritually centered poetry by becoming a follower of my blog. I feel blessed myself in now becoming a follower of you and your wonderful blog.


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