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A Visit to the Hospital


I had a very emotional dream last night. I was back in the hospital with my oldest sister. She was in the intensive care unit under an induced coma.  So the visit was limited to just a few minutes. There were a few patients in that section with very serious conditions of course. I remember one woman specifically. She survived that episode and died several years later. I do not know the destiny of the other woman.  In the dream I am writing about the experience in a poem. I actually had written a poem and had put it away. when I woke up this morning, I looked for the poem in one of my old journals and there was the poem. It was déjà vu all over again as they say. I felt I had to include it in my post today. If you have ever lost a sibling, especially a sister, it is a very difficult thing. I was the baby. She was my confidant. It’s gotten easier through the years. Here it is.

As I await

what the doctors have declared

“the inevitable”

a long trying wait

hope escapes the room

and when I least expect it

it tiptoes back into the room

to visit her dreams.

Reality beeps desperately

every second


two anxious hearts

and mine terrified.

The protocol monitor

gauges everything but

their deep thoughts,

and their questions beginning with

what if …?

Destiny has arranged

for these two strangers

one in Bed A

and the other  in Bed B

to share the power of hope.





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Always on a Quest

Quixote Who

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“When life itself seems lunatic, who knows where madness lies?

To surrender dreams – -this may be madness; to seek treasure where there is only trash.

Too much sanity may be madness! But maddest of all – -to see life as it is and not as it should be.”

-Miguel de Cervantes






Always on a Quest


Surrender to that Dream

the unfulfilled wish

Be always on a quest

to change yourself

and make the world

less mad and a better


Be always on a quest

for life requires


do not surrender



Seek the Impossible

and make it so.

– Melba Christie ( a dreamer)

on dreaming or not

Someone I do not know asked,
“Don’t you get tired of dreaming?”
I could not respond because I was in the middle of a dream.
You know,
the one that visits me to distract me from all others;
or the one I shared with the peacemakers of the world;
and the one that turned into whipped cream unexpectedly,
or the one that bounces endlessly on the trampoline and makes everyone giggle.
And the one that makes you think about it all the time,
The one that smells as sweet as cinnamon and apples;
Or the one that tells me secrets I do not want to know.
Now I can answer your question.
Are you still there?
Do you ever get tired of breathing?

Melba Christie