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Haiku by Issa

Just to say the word

home, that word alone

So pleasantly cool.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

“Don’t Die Wondering!” Did you hear that?

I am a great fan of Dr. Wayne Dwyer and have read all of his books. I love reading anything inspirational. Most recently I read his book, Inspiration. One phrase caught my attention and has resonated in my mind: “Don’t die wondering.”
I just celebrated my sixty-first birthday and I never thought I would spend the day in such a stupor. It seemed that I should have stayed in bed until the day after my birthday. My birthday is never a big deal to me. It is just another year that has passed by with the reminder that I have not yet done some things that I promised myself I would do before I die. So as I read the words’ “Don’t die wondering” inevitably I began to wonder about the future and my mortality.
This particular birthday reminded me of my dad; he died at fifty-four. His dreams were not completely fulfilled and he spent all of his life working so hard to make sure that we would not suffer economically. He never missed a day’s work until he became terminally ill. He did not last two months. So in comparison, I outlived his longevity by seven years and after working very hard all my life, unlike my dad, I was able to retire. The question is for what? I definitely have a bucket list. But I wonder if there is still a special calling for me. And I also think about my contributions to life up until now. What did I really
What I now know is that my dad did so many things that were gutsy, adventurous, risky, inspirational, and people loved him for his generosity, humanity, ingenuity, great smile, hardy chuckle, and love for nature. He built a house from scratch during his vacations, days off, and birthdays. He shared George Washington’s Birthday on February 22, which was celebrated on the actual day and was a true holiday. He always got that day off to celebrate: the company he worked for had a policy that provided its employees with birthdays off. He was always kidding; he told people he had an extra day off because he knew the President and that he too was an important person.
I reminisced about all these things and asked myself the dreaded question; what have I accomplished in my sixty-one years of life? Then, I for a minute I thought I had heard his distinctive tenor type voice warning me to not die wondering and to live the now. I was shaken and brought to tears. I sobbed and started feeling sorry for myself. Then suddenly,
I snapped out of it.
I remembered all the reasons why I should be thankful. I have great children: they are accomplished and successful. I can’t stop smiling when I see my new grandson’s adorable chubby face. I just received a letter from my other grandson in his own cursive handwriting. The oldest is almost a man and is the tallest one in the family. They make me so proud. I have a husband who loves me and gets me at least four our very sentimental birthday cards that always say how much my life means to him and others. I have my older sister who has been my rock and like a parent to me but also a best friend. I have my parents’ in-law who I have adopted as my very own parents. They are always there for guidance, support, and inspiration. My family is unique and all of them inspire me one way or another. My mother taught me very important life lessons and her strength and
perseverance have been a source of inspiration my whole life. She also worked hard all her life. She adored her family and for her family came first, second, and third.

I looked out the window and saw the most glorious deep blue sky. Images floated in my mind as once again I heard the words, “Don’t die wondering.” I yelled out, “I won’t!”

I made a new list of the things I would do because I do not want to have any regrets. They are not the frivolous things I had written before like learn how to drive a race car. I do not want to wonder about the possibilities anymore and later perhaps even blame others because I did not get to do the things I proposed. I know now that nothing can stop me. I just have to get up earlier and just start.

The next time I write on this topic I will give you an update of what I have accomplished. I will probably surprise a lot of people I know. Most of all, I hope that I surprise myself. I hope I will have inspired someone to do the same. Surprise yourself and “make of yourself a masterpiece.” It would be sad to die wondering.

Happiness in the present

Happiness is in the present


It’s here now.
right this moment,
Stop and listen:
Its whisper
will mesmerize you.
Stop for a minute and breathe;
Its scent is in the rose.
Stop for a second and
let your yourself feel;
Its touch is like a child’s heartfelt hug.
Stop for an instant
It looks like a rainbow.
Stop and savor the moment
It tastes like cotton candy.
Happiness is right here.
Don’t let it go by you.
It is in the present.
Just pay attention.
Melba Christie @ 2013




I come from silky mud

after a season of rain, rain, rain

one spring.

The universe would not

allow the earth to dry up

my mother could not resist

and picked up a clump

and made a fist

to shape me into the person I am today.

She told me though

that I had picked her.


Man’s Best Friend

Man's Best Friend

It’s Father’s Day Today

and all I have to say

is I am happy to be me

because you are my master

I will always be there for you

no matter what happens

today and forever after.

So take it easy

you deserve it

my dear friend

If I could  talk

I’d tell you

Thanks  for all the walks

and those delicious little biscuits.

My sign is clear

as you can see

I wear it with great pride

to let everyone

know that I’m always on your side

Happy Father’s Day!

Memories of Memorial Day


A visit to the cemetery

where he was finally laid to rest

where all the buried are equal now

white stones aligned perfectly

in rows of infinite glory

small flags placed at each grave

wave as we walk in

The large flag ushers in the visitors

fresh flowers placed around the pole

Small town parades

celebrate their own

in remembrance

the President places

a wreath at the tomb

of the unknown soldier

known to us all

Taps played

My mother cries.

Then the family gathers

to relish the steaks on the charcoal grill

along with the side dishes

of potato salad, or macaroni and cheese.

Our  uncle shares a story about the

day he entered the armed forces

and then he retreats to sip on a beer.

Even Memorial Day is not the same anymore

no memories left to tell about

A big sale at Sears is the topic of the day

A silent prayer survives it all.

Taps are played again on the late night news

I think about you

and whisper to myself,

He would have been a grandpa by now

I tell you how much I’ve missed you

and put your picture back in the

album mom made for you

the cover says it all:

We are all proud of you.

May 30, 1977


I just learned through the media that the missing child I alluded to in last post (poem) was found dead. I cannot imagine the pain the family must be going through. I can only express my deepest condolences in another poem. I do not know that this poem will even reach the girl’s family but my heart aches. Every time I read or hear about another child missing my heart skips a beat. I remember the one time my daughter roamed away from us at the mall. It was the longest and most agonizing 15 minutes of my life. My throat became so dry I could barely speak. My husband became so pale it was as if someone had drained the blood from his body. She had been sitting in the book store the entire time not realizing that we were worried sick looking for her. When we saw her walking back towards us along side the Mall’s security guard I thought I would collapse from the sigh of relief. So I know that desperate feeling one gets when you know your child is missing. All it takes is a minute and your life can change forever.

I do not know all the details of this horrendous crime. The investigation is still fresh. But if indeed someone took this child’s life to steal her bicycle then my heart breaks even more. What a senseless, cruel, inhuman, barbaric act. Only heartless, brainless fools are capable of such a thing. What is happening to some of our youth? How does a bicycle become more valuable than a human life? What can we do to stop the craziness? How do we protect our children?

Here is my poem dedicated to the parents of the victim of this recent tragedy. God be with this family to help them cope with the pain.

A garden full of sweet smelling flowers has begun to grow

getting ready to greet you and invite you to the show

Your parents are aware

and know you must be there

among the angels

but of course they will miss you very much

and long to touch

your face as when they’d tiptoe into your room at night,

to kiss you on the forehead and say goodnight.

Now you are out of sight

to them and to your friends

but none will forget your plight

and we all will continue to flight

to stop what was your fatal destiny

from happening again

We promise to not forget

We promise to remember

the splendor of your short life

on this earth

And when we look up

to see the sky at night

you will be the most beautiful star

shining bright upon us.





Another child missing

Pictures scattered on the bed

lay there helpless and shocked

almost knowing

not one of them is current

and that they cannot help the search

for another child missing.


One picture whispers, “pray”

the rest in unison respond,

“we have.”


Positive thoughts go out to the families of children abducted from close to home. 




on dreaming or not

Someone I do not know asked,
“Don’t you get tired of dreaming?”
I could not respond because I was in the middle of a dream.
You know,
the one that visits me to distract me from all others;
or the one I shared with the peacemakers of the world;
and the one that turned into whipped cream unexpectedly,
or the one that bounces endlessly on the trampoline and makes everyone giggle.
And the one that makes you think about it all the time,
The one that smells as sweet as cinnamon and apples;
Or the one that tells me secrets I do not want to know.
Now I can answer your question.
Are you still there?
Do you ever get tired of breathing?

Melba Christie

My Father-in-Law

Mother-in-laws are often mentioned either for good or for bad

I am very grateful that mine has never made me mad nor sad.

But let me tell you about my in-law father,

he too has been unique.

Juris Doctor has been his lifelong occupation

so in this way he’s my in-law father

but more than my father-in-law

he has been my dad too

whenever I need advice

he listens patiently

and lifts my hopes up high.

That is what dads do,

and this is what he has become to me

and when I need a lawyer,

I’ll always have one for free.

Of course I am just kidding

I love you Don Wil!

Maybe I have not told you this enough

Thanks for always being there for me

and also all in our family.

Today you are T-nueve

as my dear aunt Norma would have said

because she never told her age.

However, it’s O.K. because you are our sage.

We wish we could be with you

on this very special day,

but in the meantime until

we are together with you

May God bless you on your _9th birthday!