My Father-in-Law

Mother-in-laws are often mentioned either for good or for bad

I am very grateful that mine has never made me mad nor sad.

But let me tell you about my in-law father,

he too has been unique.

Juris Doctor has been his lifelong occupation

so in this way he’s my in-law father

but more than my father-in-law

he has been my dad too

whenever I need advice

he listens patiently

and lifts my hopes up high.

That is what dads do,

and this is what he has become to me

and when I need a lawyer,

I’ll always have one for free.

Of course I am just kidding

I love you Don Wil!

Maybe I have not told you this enough

Thanks for always being there for me

and also all in our family.

Today you are T-nueve

as my dear aunt Norma would have said

because she never told her age.

However, it’s O.K. because you are our sage.

We wish we could be with you

on this very special day,

but in the meantime until

we are together with you

May God bless you on your _9th birthday!