Always Remembered

I salute all those who served our country today. I am grateful for their sacrifice. I hope that as we celebrate today we remember that there are many others who sacrifice daily to keep us safe. God Bless America! I remember our adventures when we crossed the river and slipped on the moss covered rocks we laughed because one of us would always loose our … Continue reading Always Remembered

The Sunday Memories of A Baby Boomer

Sunday Morning A day of rituals started with church at St. Luke’s where forgiven sins remained for the rest of the week.   Then a big breakfast: pancakes, scrambled eggs, sizzling bacon and home fries we ate until we almost died.   Then off to some adventure dad would plan it out as a surprise no matter how he tried to disguised it It was … Continue reading The Sunday Memories of A Baby Boomer

My Empty Nest is Emptier Today

My empty nest is emptier today after all of my children and grandchildren all came home for a very brief stay They spoiled me like a little kid with gorgeous smiles, spontaneous hugs and kisses, and comments prefaced with remember mom when this and that or this other referencing the good times she had with her only brother   sometimes I wonder if their memories … Continue reading My Empty Nest is Emptier Today