Time Is What We Make It

Time Is What We Make It Fifty-one years have passed since the assassination of Reverend Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. America lost a pure soul and a charismatic leader who tried to unite people. Many television programs devoted time to memorialize one of the true kings of justice and equality. His surname is such an appropriate fit. Someone said that “Dr. King is more alive … Continue reading Time Is What We Make It

There is a Paradise of Words

There is a paradise of words brilliant, exceptional, enchanted Some still unimaginable Full of pleasures beyond feeling to be owned by only a few of us who understand their delight and the sensation words bring to the soul words meant just for you or me perhaps intentionally on purpose I love all words I love when they decide to dwell inside my heart and mind … Continue reading There is a Paradise of Words

Haiku 52

  The Coqui is a tiny cricket frog common to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. Its call is unique and clear, My cousin’s nickname is Coqui and when she would go out at night we could hear the Coqui calling out her name. My beloved grandmother would respond in Spanish with this short rhyme when the cricket frog called out my cousin’s name. It means: No, Coqui is … Continue reading Haiku 52

poem makers

Writing a poem sometimes requires extra stamina, a conversation with one’s muse, an extraordinary happening, listening to nature, carefully observing the work of ants, an endearing gesture, a big hug, a dimpled smile, a sad story on TV, looking through the family album, the visit of a sweet memory, sorrowful news, an old fashioned love song on the radio, or just listening to your own … Continue reading poem makers

Haiku Deck

        The image is a small watercolor I painted a few weeks ago in honor of St. Patrick‘s Day. The message is simple but profound at the same time. I have a passion for teaching. Many of the wonderful ideas I have learned and the creative opportunities I have had, have been taught to me by a passionate teacher. Paolo Freire believed … Continue reading Haiku Deck

26 Acts of Kindness

Poemattic believes deeply in the concepts of Acts of Kindness or Passing it Forward. We are proposing that WordPress bloggers and their followers join us in the 26 Acts of kindness movement by writing poems about kindness, fostering kindness, illustrating kindness or demonstrating kindness simply by writing a 26 word poem and sending it to Poemattic to publicize. Poemattic will post all types of formats … Continue reading 26 Acts of Kindness

WordPress Bloggers Quotable Quotes

I continue to read the great material the WordPress bloggers write every day. I feel like I have access to many muses with such diversity of discourse and thought. Thoughts about thoughts that can be mind boggling at times. To all those who follow my blog I am very grateful for your continued support. You inspire me to become more thoughtful about the words I … Continue reading WordPress Bloggers Quotable Quotes

Word Press Bloggers Quotes of the Week

  Word Press Bloggers Quotes of the Week “When it comes to books and their movie adaptations, I’m with the “Books are Better” team.” From: http://zenscribbles.wordpress.com/   –  IN WHICH THE AUTHOR RANTS, RAMBLES AND SOMETIMES MAKES SENSE This blog offers some food for thought.        “If an email is entitled to Constitutional protection but an unavailable Tweet is not, what exactly is the dividing … Continue reading Word Press Bloggers Quotes of the Week