I am Just wondering

I am Just wondering, why?

Wondering can be devastating

and disappointing too.

They say curiosity killed the cat;

was it because the wondering

may bring it back,

to a reality unknown?

Did the proverbial cat ever know for sure

nine lives is what they are entitled to?

And did they ever wonder why they were chosen to stay alive so many times?

And did you ever

wonder why nine lives was not

bestowed on you and I?

Perhaps it may be the cat did not care to know;

so they just went with the flow.

I wonder what it is that may astonish others.

Is it when they see the Light;

and the miracle behind it?

Does anyone care to wonder anymore?

Nothing is a secret; many things have been revealed.

Is wondering not what is was before?

I know that for me, wondering gives me hope.

So I will take some time today to wonder,

just once more?

Photo by Melba Christie (C) 2021