98 Days to go

More children are being tested everyday and more are testing positive for the COVID 19 virus. If you think about it, we would act diligently if children started suffering at any level from any other disease or virus. Of course the jury is still out as to the exact effect the virus will have on otherwise healthy children. Teenagers are getting the virus. We all know now that you may not exhibit any symptoms. We simply have to do what makes sense. 

I hate to become an annoyance but all we need to do is abide by the guidelines and accept that anyone can be infected. I might be. You might be and not know it. But you can infect others. It all boils down to an old adage which says, “Love thy neighbor”. Check out the CDC Listen to the scientists and the medical community. Ultimately it is about using common sense for the common good. Stay safe America!


Stay Safe!

Many times I use puppets or dolls to get a point across to my grandchildren. I made this clip for my granddaughters. I made the rag doll.

I made a commitment to speak up everyday or so until 0 days in November. I only think about children and especially my grandchildren.

98 days to go.