We need to talk

As a lifetime educator, I feel that I must join the conversation on race and how racism impacts all of us. I lived through the protests of the sixties and remember my teachers talking frankly about racism. I feel blessed to have had such great teachers with such enormous insights. I was lucky to have teachers from all backgrounds. Race to me was basically the … Continue reading We need to talk

Look Inside Their Hearts

I watched in awe sitting in the first row of a small cafetorium as forty children performed their very much rehearsed musical show. Each child so unique and special watched in anticipation for the signals of their beloved music teacher. The tamborine players started the jamboree The maraca players joined in at the count of three Then the drummers followed faithfully. The teacher’s face glowed … Continue reading Look Inside Their Hearts

My Empty Nest is Emptier Today

My empty nest is emptier today after all of my children and grandchildren all came home for a very brief stay They spoiled me like a little kid with gorgeous smiles, spontaneous hugs and kisses, and comments prefaced with remember mom when this and that or this other referencing the good times she had with her only brother   sometimes I wonder if their memories … Continue reading My Empty Nest is Emptier Today