What a Conundrum Happiness is

What a conundrum happiness is,

or is it?

One size does not fit all

especially if you happen to be very tall.


Some say it’s never forever

not completely achieveable


This experience so many describe as sublime

a mysterious pleasure which often finds

other paths to follow

and other people to meet

It can be bitter sweet.


We expect too much of it;

Can it be just a lot of hype?

Although too little may not be enough

for some of us in the rough.


Should it be our decision

to make the most of what we get?


Is it wiser to forget,

And not regret?


Happiness may simply be a condition

like the flu

that spreads

to just a lucky few.


I say give me all there is

where ever it is,

let it find me well

and I will pass it on

to everyone I can.

What a conundrum happiness is,

or is it?


hello sunshine