Let life find you

Let Life find you


Let life find you.

To work its miracles

As you learn to grow

A kind and fine heart

So that others feel joy in living.


Let life find you

Living the life

A life that is squeezable

Like a ripe orange

Fresh and juicy

providing pure energy.


Let life find you

looking at yourself

In the mirror

see the magnificence

of His image in you.


Let life find you

Ready to stand up and deliver

Willing if need be

To sacrifice for a cause

live with purpose


Let life find you

Dancing, laughing, and singing

In the rain

Drenched in happiness

and fulfillment



Let life find you

Breathing heavily;

Feeling the warmth of the sun

Caressing your skin.

Feel life happening to you.

Make every minute count

In multiples of ten and then some.

Look at the views

how plentiful

and beautifully designed by

the creator of all.


And inhale deeply every chance

you get.

Watch your chest rise with

each breath.

Notice its perfection.

Listen carefully

to your heart beating away

marking time faithfully.

Let life find you living

as if it were your last day on earth.

Life is too short my friend;

Life is just too short.


Melba Christie 2014

Photo by Melba Christie




Image by RÜŞTÜ BOZKUŞ from Pixabay