Six Year Old Decides to Cut His Own Hair

*This poem is dedicated to my grandson and all little boys and girls who at some point decided they were old enough to trim or cut their own hair.


He looked in the mirror

and noticed his hair needed a trim.

“I am six years old; I can do this myself.”

He quietly took out his dad’s trimmer

and looked at himself straight into the mirror.


“looks good so far.”



“Oops! Oh no!

now what do I do?”


He plunked on his baseball hat

and sat down for dinner

hoping no one notice would take

but his father’s tone assured him

he would not get a break

“Take off your hat, you know better than that.”


His Mom noticed something just did not look right

and it took some coaxing

because the little boy put up a fight.


Finally the hat flipped off his head

sure thing what mom had dread

was right on the money

and to his surprise

she looked tenderly into his eyes

“Don’t worry honey”


Big brother came to the rescue

and cut his hair down really, really short,

made it look like a navy man’s crew.

And the little boy sighed of relief;

put on his cap, picked up his basketball and ran to the court.


Melba Christie (C) 2014