Michael Hoppe

I just recently purchased a CD that is the best instrumental music I have listened to in a long while. I am pretty picky about my music and lately I have been looking for music that inspires me and helps me develop my creativity. I visit this great shop in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I leave there as if I just had a great relaxing massage with lavender oil (my favorite). The women who tends the shop is very knowledgeable about many things regarding Chakra cleaning and keeping in touch with nature.

The CD is by cellist Michael Hoppe. The title is The Poet: Romances for Cello. It contains music played by Mr. Hoppe and they are all inspired by the works of poets Carl Sandburg, A.E. Housman, Robert Frost and others. Mr. Hoppe’s instrumental compositions are spectacular. I have added his website in my links. I get no compensation for this. I simply want to share the peace.

Melba Christie