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Democracy Lives

Democracy lives!

It is alive and well

on a small but significant island

of green luscious mountains

where the Coqui announces

when the moon shines brightly

and love is in bloom,

Democracy lives!

It took a few deep breaths and many anguished sighs;

It became desperate at times;

It was angered and disappointed;

it slowly began to loose faith in itself.


But the people sang, danced and stood firm.

They revived the pride of their cultural heritage.

Stood tall to exemplify the martyrs who fought for justice

and their ancestors who died believing

that someday, someway, somehow

they would be heard and taken seriously.


The people raised their collective voices,

They sang, danced and remained faithful

that the song of justice

would be proclaimed from every mountain top.


The people for the people won!

They took charge, organized

and proclaimed

fidelity to the idea

that a democracy is where

supreme power is vested in the people.


Our children will listen to the story of today

Our grandchildren will praise the brave

who strove for the truth,

who marched and chanted for justice.

Justice for all!

Even the dead!

God bless Puerto Rico!


Michael Hoppe

I just recently purchased a CD that is the best instrumental music I have listened to in a long while. I am pretty picky about my music and lately I have been looking for music that inspires me and helps me develop my creativity. I visit this great shop in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I leave there as if I just had a great relaxing massage with lavender oil (my favorite). The women who tends the shop is very knowledgeable about many things regarding Chakra cleaning and keeping in touch with nature.

The CD is by cellist Michael Hoppe. The title is The Poet: Romances for Cello. It contains music played by Mr. Hoppe and they are all inspired by the works of poets Carl Sandburg, A.E. Housman, Robert Frost and others. Mr. Hoppe’s instrumental compositions are spectacular. I have added his website in my links. I get no compensation for this. I simply want to share the peace.

Melba Christie