My Daughter the Great Cook

I just learned that my beautiful daughter has started her own blog about cooking. She is a great cook, a natural gourmet. She is also an excellent baker which I think is in her genes because my grandfather was a master baker. He taught many newbies how to bake the softest bread. I never met him but my mother would brag how her father would bring home the best bread. She was very picky about her bread, so am I and so is my daughter.  This thought  inspired me to write this poem.

Pan Sobao – Massaged Bread

Our bread, kneaded

and massaged to perfection

so that the crust is as soft

on the outside as it is inside

divine confection

an art form indeed

We call it Pan Sobao

back in our hometown

People come from all over

to indulge in the pleasure

Some stumble upon it

mesmerized by its

heavenly aroma

which travels for miles

Pan Sobao

Oh wow!