Today’s Find

I found this poem written on a legal pad. I visit the book store almost once a week and I read poetry or books about writing. I wrote a note in the margin about why I was writing this particular poem. It seems I had jotted down the idea from a book which suggested to write about asking your shadow to appear somewhere in the house.

This is what I wrote:

My shadow

wrote me

a note to let me know

how annoyed it was

because I never acknowledge its existence

I mean

I know it is there

trying to out do me all the time

I tried telling my shadow

that I am not jealous at all

because when

I compared our heights

There is no doubt

I am definitely taller

but more importantly

I am funnier and have

an excellent sense of humor.

As I read this again today I thought what a silly poem. I want to work on it a bit more. I have a grandson that I am sure is curious about his shadow. So I will write him a poem about what his shadow might be thinking. I think he will get a kick out of it. This is a poem that will evolve.

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