Great Essentials of Life

I now have lived long enough to know the real essentials in life. The reminders flow into my life constantly. All I need to do is look at a photograph of my grandsons or look deeply into the eyes of my husband or children and everything is put into perspective. I find myself researching my roots and trying to remember memorable events about my childhood. … Continue reading Great Essentials of Life

An Unexpected Visit from a Unicorn

In this poem I have used some nonsense words I made up.   The rain breeped through the lofty trees on this clograyly fall day The hardy mums left from the summer were however happy that they had stayed.   Golinlimpling down the steep hill sprinted a beautiful unicorn eager to meet the lovers just married in the storm.   The unicorn’s voice so sweet … Continue reading An Unexpected Visit from a Unicorn


Joy   The ecstasy that directs our inner light so that others  heal  as we grow rich with empathy, compassion and love.  All it takes is one selfless act of kindness one moment of infinite patience  when it is totally unexpected. – Melba Christie     How do you define joy?  What are the top ten things that create joy?           Continue reading Joy