A Philosophy on Life By Sam Berns

This young man is amazing. Right now I have nothing to complain about. Yesterday I was asking myself the why questions. Being a worry wart, questioning is what I do. But this video (that by the way I happened to stumble upon accidentally) made me realize (as I ultimately always do) that I am so blessed. As a mother, this was a little difficult to … Continue reading A Philosophy on Life By Sam Berns

Does it Matter What the Groundhog Sees?

Does it matter what the groundhog sees, in times of such uncertainty? Spring will be eventually. Daffodils, and pink peonies bloom endlessly and I for one hope eternally. Nature promises to be true. All we need to do is do what matters the most and happiness will be our host. Complexities in life will not cease But if we love well meaning love each other … Continue reading Does it Matter What the Groundhog Sees?

Soft Commotion and Jubilation

Soft commotion and jubilation comes at a cost; we must free ourselves of negative thoughts; even the ones we produce on our own, certainly those grim ideas pronounced on loud speakers by others. It seems these days, the loud speakers are louder than ever. We know their truth and legitimacy. there is no doubt. FEAR suppresses the soul; But I need a thousand colorful and … Continue reading Soft Commotion and Jubilation