The Voice of Their Eyes

I only know only two languages.

I don’t know the language of Ukraine.

But language is not needed

Their voices come through their eyes.

Their eyes have witnessed such atrocity.

All is so surreal to us.

Their eyes say, ”We are still here;

we hold only liberty and freedom dear.

The voice of their eyes is a timid sigh

yet full of hope and resolve.

The voice of their eyes

Tell us the truth;

they tell us their dreams will not be

destroyed by tanks.

Our eyes need to remain open,

if we cherish our own democracy.

Let the voice of our eyes

scream out solidarity.

The last word will be theirs

but not through the voice of their eyes.

Their last word will be a humble

and clear decree of victory

Screaming Hallelujah!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Photo by Victor Katikov on