“I second that emotion…”

I am introducing Creative Mindfulness. I invite you to be interactive mindful readers.

Creative Mindfulness

I Second That Emotion” is a 1967 song written bySmokey RobinsonandAl Cleveland. It is basically a love song. So my apologies to the songwriters for using the title in this post.

The thought that came to my mind for the purpose of writing this post is that an emotion is unique to the individual and is manifested in the moment. Can anyone really claim to “second any emotion”? Emotions have some common ground; true. Everyone has feelings but those feelings can be so unique and individualized that sometimes it is difficult to understand what others are truly going through and are feeling.

We hope to be mindful of others and be present for a person who is grieving or experiencing a traumatizing event in their lives. But, how do we do this to truly “second the emotion”?

I would love to know what your…

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