Searching for Peace

It has been now 28 days since my son’s passing. I find myself searching for peace of mind. Mourning is very complicated especially when you are mourning the death of a son. I know deep in my heart that he has finally found peace and that comforts me. I know he is no longer in physical pain.

I have often said that Poetry is life; Life is Poetry. I find myself digging up poems I had written about and to my children. I spend hours looking through old photographs that can be translated into poems. I search for peace within the collections of poetry that gave me comfort and peace of mind; poetry that inspired me to write my own poems.

I came across some poetry and thoughts by Khalil Gibran – Lebanese Poet and Philosopher. Please listen to A Tear and a Smile. I hope this brings peace to those of you who may need peace of mind right now.

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