A potpourri of poem titles

Here is a potpourri of the titles of my favorite poems. CHALLENGE: Post the first few lines in the comments. I look forward to seeing how many are familiar to all of you.

Nothing gold can stay

Still I rise

Life is fine

Winter to Spring

God’s World

Do not go gentle into that good night

because i could not stop for death

My heart leaps up


On Children

Mother to Son

I carry your heart with me


The second coming

If you forget me

Oh Captain, My Captain

I wandered lonely as a cloud

I’m nobody

There are so many others but the list would be endless. I thank my wonderful teachers that introduced to poetry. My father loved poetry and taught to read poetry aloud in order to make sense of the poems I could not really understand. I hope these titles inspire you to read aloud. Remember poetry is life and life is poetry.

By Melba Christie