ode to beverly Cleary

Childhood memories abound

and then I look around

to picture my old neighborhood now so far away

I ask the visions of then to stay

Nostalgia remembers all the faces

and all the wonderful places

we would walk to without fear

because everyone knew your name

But Beverly now things have changed so much

we can no longer hand shake or even touch

Now many eyes are always filled with tears

and We the kids that loved your books

ask if anything will ever be the same

I once thought I would meet Ramona

because she was so real to me

The girl everyone said was a pest

but for me she was the best.

Beverly, you’ve given us all so much joy;

for me, your books were better than a toy.

I passed down Dear. Mr. Henshaw

to so many of the kids I knew

some of your stories still ring true.

So today I get to write about a writer

I have loved so dear

throughout so many years

And soon my grandchildren

will get to know you too.

Rest in Peace!