Has anyone asked the fly on the wall?

I wonder if a fly would have flown into

the people’s house these last few days.

If that fly could talk I wonder what it would say.

Would it have nested on someone’s head as still

as the other fly did before but still no one could ignore?

What would be the first words uttered or buzzed?

And do we really want to know?

Perhaps this is merely an apprentice

and it’s too shy to tell the truth

or put on a spectacular show.

Or maybe it’s just a huge nuisance

that someone finally wacked it loose.

Like all those who came before

maybe it just decided to quit while it was ahead.

Or maybe it will stick around

the mess of syrupy sweet made up of the

Residuos of all the flattering

and massaging of the greatest ego ever to exist.

After all this wondering if

I don’t know why

an old children’s poem came to mind

and I will leave you with its title

for you to figure it out.

“There once was a women who swallowed a fly.”

I wonder why?